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VEGAS DOGE is taking Doge to Vegas!! ​ BUSD REFLECTIONS: All holders receive BUSD in their wallets just for holding VEGAS tokens LOTTERY: Simply hold more than 1,000,000 $VEGAS in your wallet, and stand the chance to win 1000 BUSD PRIZES, everyday. The Number of 1000 BUSD Prize winners determined by the volume of transactions everyday. The more people join VEGAS DOGE, the MORE PRIZE WINNERS there are! STAKING: We are, after TIKI, the second partner of BankerDoge. Stake your Vegas Tokens, and generate huge long term returns! ​ 🚀 Everybody wins at VEGAS DOGE!! 🚀 ​ Together, we’ll work towards making this an incredibly successful trip to Vegas. Lets take Doge to Vegas and BEYOND!


Launched 2021-08-29
Total Supply 7,777,777,777
Votes Today 0
Total Votes 152