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Swap Depot is a peer-to-peer crypto currency that can be used as a digital payment. Like USD, SWAPX will eventually be used to purchase online goods or peer-to-peer forms of payments. ALL users of our exchange will be using the one of the fastest block-chains available, Binance Smart-Chain. We Built the project on the Smart-Chain because it is incredibly fast. Future utilities of SwapDepot you will be able to STAKE your SWAPX and EARN SWAPX or Binance tokens. Users will also be able to Farm in one of the liquidity pools we will provide to all users. NFTS are out of the question as of right now, we are building a massive project and we would like to get the most important utilities out to the public so that they can EARN a steady revenue stream from it!


Launched 2023-01-20
Total Supply 1,000,000
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Total Votes 27