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🔥 Welcome to ProjectPhilanX! 🔥 A DAO that provides an opportunity for people to donate to vetted charities and present their own Philanthropic Projects to the community to receive funding via donations. The first ever DAO to provide 6% BUSD reflections. Staking and NFTS with unique utilities are just bonuses! 🤟 - 6% BUSD Reflections - Staking with the option to only harvest your staking rewards - 4 NFT drops with unique utilities exclusive to the ProjectPhilanX ecosystem - Donate to a variety of vetted charities - Present your own Philanthropic Projects to the community and receive funding via donations. Pop on over and say hi! Oh, and our mascot, Phil The Panda says hello! 👋

Launched 2022-11-27
Total Supply 833,3Tr,ill,ion
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Total Votes 463