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PolkStation- One Stop For IDO/INO/IGO & Metaverse and Multi Defi Protocols! Polkastation combines various DeFi protocols, NFT minting, and marketplace with the Polkadot framework as its base. Though early blockchains serve the purpose of deploying decentralized applications, there are limitations like lack of run-time specialization and limited throughput. Polkastation wants to deliver a cutting-edge project in the blockchain space and thus chooses Polkadot, bridging multiple specialized chains into one sharded network. Polkadot offers the best returns in the market through various products. As these decentralized applications are deployed on Polkastation’s own blockchains, they have enhanced stability. Token Contract: 0x81402bdf885a930ccf2175b66fbd435486b33f69 Blockchain : BSC chain Total Supply : 50 Million Maximum Supply: 50 Million Buy/Sell Fee: There is No Buy & Sell Fees PolkaStation Team has been KYC verified By CyberScope & SmarContract Audit By Coinsult,Solidproof,Cyberscope. Liquidity Locking : 5 years in Pinksale Platform Team Tokens Locking : 2 Years in Pinksale Platform PolkaStation Private Sale will begin on September 24th and will be hosted on our Private Sale LaunchStation. PrivateSale Link : PolkaStation will host public sale on October 1ST at popular launchpad Pinksale. Trading will get live after the end of public sale. Presale link : Read Whitepaper :


Launched 2022-10-01
Total Supply 50,000,000
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Total Votes 51