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Neftlix Metaverse


Project purpose: First of all, our project is an entertainment project. Today, in a time when VR systems proliferate from language to language, we will try to bring people together in the form of Vr and Party and watch movies. Since our first goal is to establish our authority, we will integrate the animation and the game. It will add excitement to most people with 360* / Vr glasses rather than watching movies normally. In our project, we will buy lands from decetraland (mana) and Sand and move our cinema halls to those lands in order to announce it from language to language. We will update our project day by day. The project will be entrusted to strong developers and will also be in a strong VR team. A separate website is being built for the movie theater in order to keep you informed of all kinds of developments. Although we are not the original page of Netflix, we will try to send messages via e-mail and work together to collaborate. Since its only a matter of time before it enters the Netflix Metaverse universe, we wanted to get the token out before anyone else. In the event that netflix makes comments about Metaverse, we will integrate it into the Vr movie theater. Take your place in a virtual cinema hall.


Launched 2022-02-15
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