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The Solve Algorithm is the underlying driver for the MUSÉCOIN project. Our customers are rewarded with our cryptocurrency for generating kilowatts of energy which is converted into MUSÉCOIN via the algorithm. Due to the great success the Bitcoin blockchain has experienced over the last decade, we feel that our best choice for designing our blockchain should be patterned after the Bitcoin Blockchain, with a few differences: 1. Hash Algorithm upgrade: We propose an upgrade to the SHA 256 HASH ALGORITHM TO THE SHA3 256 HASH ALGORITHM in an attempt to reinforce our private keys and addresses; making them Quantum Computer resistant. Even with the normal state of the hash, the Genius of Bitcoin is the fact that it solved the double spend issue. Switching keys and addresses has allowed the Bitcoin network to persist for many years in-spite of hacker attempts and Denial of Service attacks. We will also look into the BIP-32 PROTOCOL for insight as to how to improve the overall encryption algorithm of the Solvenet Blockchain. Bitcoin uses large amounts of energy, where MUSÉCOIN promotes Solar Energy generation. PROOF OF CONSERVATION Renewable Energy has decreased our dependency on fossil fuels leading to cleaner, energy efficient methods for energy production. ENTER SOLARIOM TECH LIMITED ( SOLVE NETWORK ). A company with a different agenda to champion the promotion of clean renewable energy generation with cryptocurrency incentive programs. ENTER PROOF OF CONSERVATION. A SYSTEM THAT IS DESIGNED FOR THE BUSINESS AND THE CONSUMER TO PROFIT FROM THEIR CLEAN RENEWABLE ENERGY GENERATION. AN INCENTIVE DRIVEN ENERGY GENERATION ALGORITHM [SOLVE ALGORITHM] will be implemented to generate value for solar product users. Mansa Musa Artifacts NFTs sales is pegged with Musécoin and gold as a store of value.


Launched 2022-01-21
Total Supply 97,000,000,000
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