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Cryft Coin


Cryft Cards and (CRYFT) Coins create the first cryptocurrency gift cards with a dedicated community and ecosystem. Cryft Coin (CRYFT) is the "fuel" driving the Cryft ecosystem. Cryft Coin creates liquidity pools, trading pairs and more. Cryft Ecosystem With physical gift cards in your local store, and digital Holiday to Birthday NFT cards, Cryft makes it easier than ever to give, learn and interact with the latest blockchain assets. Investor Rewards Cryft Coin (CRYFT) is created and developed as a SafeMoon fork. Meaning we have Tokenomics! (CRYFT) Holders pay 10% tax buy/sell with 5% getting distributed among all current holders and 5% headed for the liquidity pool. Cryft Innovations The Cryft Team is constantly developing easier to use software and hardware for individuals on any experience level. The next peer you gift physical Cryft "Gift" Cards, will actually understand what they received. Tax = 10% on Buy, Sell & Transfer


Launched 2022-02-07
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