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🔥 The BULLISH TREND project of the next year! ⏳ Bunnies Battle - unique game system, where you can get the key to the game through NFT. By purchasing the NFT, you get access to the MOBA Free-To-Play-And-Earn game on Binance Smart Chain for mobile devices, which will definitely catch every one of you. 🔥 Fight 3v3, make money and follow the HYPE project of 2023 year! 😱 Our smart contract has a HOLD-TO-EARN feature for our NFT. If youve been with us since the start of the project, youll receive rewards for holding our NFTs! 🔥 And some more unique features like TOP 50 holders and bunny boom. But youll find out more about them next...


Launched 2022-12-26
Total Supply 1,000,000,000,BBT
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Total Votes 32