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The continual changes in the digital revolution make it increasingly important every day to stay on top of the new requirements that we must meet in a world dominated by innovation and scientific progress. These changes and advancements make it imperative to take the next step in order to capitalize on the opportunities that each new innovation, discovery or progress in any field of knowledge brings. AVITA is a decentralized token and use Binance as Blockchain. The AVITA token was born with the idea of creating the first true ecosystem in the fashion world. In fact, its main slogan is “AVITA. The Future of Fashion”. We have the ambition to create an ecosystem that makes all the players in the fashion sector interact from the student, to designer schools, to companies in the production, distribution and commercial clain up to the end user. The ecosystem will generate a series of opportunities on both sides, purely crypto side and fashion side.


Launched 2022-04-15
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